Black History & Women In Horror Month

Tiffany is a Texas-based filmmaker, located in Dallas. Originally from San Antonio, Tiffany’s love of horror films got started at the early age of four, thanks to one of her tías. Her love of cinema would grow and expand beyond horror films, spilling over into suspense thrillers, romantic comedies and documentaries. Getting her start with writing and a love of acting, she would set out to make her own films starting in 2003.

CH: I see that you're speaking at Days Of The Dead Atlanta about how to make a first horror movie; how did you start making films?

TW: Yes! I've been most fortunate to be invited back to speak at Days of the Dead Atlanta again. It's such a fun con and their film festival portion, Reels of the Dead, always has some goooood sheit, I'm looking forward to it! As far as my start in making films, I've had different points in my life where I've started the filmmaking journey. When I was 5 I was writing "plays" thinking it was how you write a script and that's how movies were made. Around 7 or 8, I had watched Subspecies for the first time and saw the Fullmoon Videozone at the end with writer/director Ted Nicolau. That gave me a bit of a taste for filmmaking. But I think it was when I was in my 20's. I was trying to make being an actress work for me, and it wasn't happening. I wasn't getting called in for auditions. So I lost steam on that and just decided to make my own movies and be in them if I wanted to. 

CH: Who are some of your favorite female filmmakers?

TW: Julie Taymor, Kasi Lemmons, Amy Heckerling, Ava Duvernay, Kimberly Peirce, and Mary Harron. Each of them I love for different reasons. For some, I just enjoy their films purely as entertainment. With others, their films are deeply impactful and important in their particular ways; they left their mark on me in some way. And then there is Julie (Taymor), who, for me, has works that are beautiful examples of the art of filmmaking. I also had mad love for the Wachoskis, but after hearing about plagiarism from an interview with Sophia Stewart, I'm unsure. I have a lot I have to look into and think about there, but outside of that, they are truly amazing. Bound played a very important part in me figuring out I'm a lesbian, as cheesy as that might sound to some. As a filmmaker and lesbian, it was a serious trip. 

CH: Top 5 favorite horror movies?

TW: So, this is always tough because I love SO MANY HORROR FILMS! But since some of my favorites are in a series, I'm going to cheat and list two series as individual favorites: Nightmare on Elm Street. 1, 3, 4  and New Nightmare are my all-around favorites. I enjoy the fun and different vibe of Freddy's Dead. Freddy vs Jason was pretty fun too, but I mostly love Ronny Yu's visuals. Overall... the legacy of fear Wes Craven created is amazing. He married psychological fear, TRUE fear, with a slasher and it's just such a perfect mix for me. I guess it also helps that NOES1 was the first ever horror movie I watched (and remembered lol).

The Child's Play series is my next favorite, because Chucky is such an evil bastard and cracks me up. I've personally never been fearful of him. Creeped out, totally, I used to have a Cricket doll who reminds me so much of the Chucky doll, but I mainly enjoy watching the way people react to him. From a filmmaker's perspective, when Don took over directing, I fell in love with the films. Of course Ronny Yu did his thing with Bride (my all-time favorite in the series), but Don continued by adding some great cinematic elements and reshaping the storyline with Curse and Cult, taking Chucky back to a more "fear first" perspective instead of horror comedy. I can't wait to see what he does with the new TV series. 

Then there's Jordan Peele's Us, Final Destination (2000), The Ring (2002)

CH: Tell us about your current film or project

TW: I'm actually about to film my first short for the year called Din Din with Claude. It's more along the lines of a dark comedy with some small horror elements. Din Din with Claude is about two best friends who run out of weed and mix it with the first organic thing they find in the kitchen. They end up having a bad trip when they fall into a bizarre world hidden in their pantry and one of them develops a super serious case of the munchies. The portion where they're in the world of "Pantrylandia" (I suck at naming things) will be animated by Chicken Dynasty! I'm working with a talented cast and crew and I'm beyond stoked and grateful! While I'm in Atlanta for Reels of the Dead/Days of the Dead, I'll be working with my dear buddy Andrew Shearer of Gonzoriffic on a short, for which I am also excited! As soon as we wrap on that, I'll be starting pre-production for my first feature called Goat Man's Bridge, which is based off a north Texas legend of the same name. I'm also developing a TV series with friend and producer Rebecca Santos. And last but not least, I'm helping a few other filmmakers with their projects, but it's yet to be determined what my role will be on those projects. 

As for the best way for local people to support me and get involved? Sharing is caring! Spread the word! I'm working toward getting grants and seeking individual investors for for my projects, but it's likely that I'll also be doing a crowdfunding campaign this year. That's the best you can do for any indie filmmaker, artist or performer; support them and spread the word! The more people who see what we're doing, the better. Who knows, you might find something you like!

CH: How can people follow you and your work?

TW: Right now, to see what the adventures of Stupid Idea Films, follow the FB page: Another one that I tend to keep updated with the film side of my life is my filmmaker's FB page: I can also be followed on IG @vampirate1782, but I don't always upload film stuffs to it, so, be prepared for a bunch of memes and pet pics.  My Vimeo Page:

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