Catching Up With Filmmaker Celia Peters

Back in May of this year, we sat down with filmmaker Celia Peters to discuss her project Godspeed. Well now she has a new project called Domesticated, an audio drama SciFi series that is currently in production. It will be narrated by Dope Sista Magazine's very own Comika Hartford.

When they came, they took over Earth without saying a word. Suddenly, the life Aramintha had is gone and she’s a glorified pet of the aliens who now control humanity. Escaping (or dying while trying) is her only option.

A race of highly advanced, two-legged extraterrestrials have rendered human beings powerless on their own planet. Aramintha survived the takeover and now she has one goal and one goal only: escape from a society where humans are pets. Before she achieves liberation, she discovers that a select group of humans possess something that the aliens need to survive. And then Aramintha finds out she’s one of that group.

Sounds interesting right? Stay tuned, and we'll definitely let you know when this audio drama SciFi series drops.