Diva Rising!

Updated: Jan 15

Showcasing the Beautiful Keldamuzik

Keldamuzik, known originally as a Hip Hop recording artist, has expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry. From dabbling in other genres of music to producing and hosting TV shows & films, to pursuing an acting career and running her own entertainment company, she's always making money moves!

Born and raised in San Jose Ca, as Kelda Williams, she realized at the age of 5 that entertainment was her calling. Kelda recorded her first R&B album in 2005. She moved to Oakland, CA and took on the name Keldamuzik. She then released 4 more albums under Loud Dust Recordings, Malaco Music, DSN, AMAdea Music, and received a licensing opportunity for Sony Entertainment’s film Please Give.

After that she joined R&B singer Lloyd on tour in Japan and Reggae singer Jah Cure in the Caribbean, performing at one of the biggest stadiums in Antigua.

Her song Thirsty, hit number 4 on KISS FM in Australia and she recently produced her very first film Love The Original Way, which screened at the Black Hollywood Film Festival. Ms. Keldamuzik's latest TV projects, Diva Talk Tonite, Diva Travels and What’s The Tea with Diva? all stem from her original hit reality TV series Diva TV.

Keldamuzik not only creates her own content but also manages other brands and artists such as Numskull of the Luniz, and the rapper Kafani. She also finds time to give back to the community with The Diva Outreach program.

You can see Keldamuzik in a few upcoming commercials, videos, and fashion shows. Check out her website for details: