Gina's Journey: The Search for William Grimes

The Search for William Grimes is about a woman's journey to discover and trace the steps of her ancestor who traveled along the Underground Railroad to freedom and authored the first fugitive slave narrative.

Regina Mason, International Speaker, Author, and Storyteller spent 15 years researching the life and times of her great-great-great grandfather Williams Grimes. Grimes was a runway slave who authored what is considered to be the first American slave narrative published in 1825.

Regina's search for her family's lineage led to a documentary.

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This project from producer Regina Mason and director Sean Durant is essentially the workbook for American History 101 class that we all should have been taught in school. Beautifully narrated by the iconic Keith David, this film is part narrative and part documentary and represents years of careful research. The truth of our nation's past is not only thoroughly examined it is resurrected; there are no punches pulled or white saviors to be found. 

Director, Sean Durant said, "It is my sincere desire that viewers of the film not only grow an appreciation for Regina Mason’s long road to uncover her past and of the unimaginable conditions that faced William Grimes, but also are inspired to research and understand their own histories. For the better we understand the past and those that came before us, the better we understand ourselves and our place in the world."

Gina's Journey should inspire us all to search for those who have made it possible to live a life beyond the freedom they've imagined.

As we near Thanksgiving and our thoughts turn to the things and opportunities we have to be grateful for, we must observe deep gratitude for our ancestors who all had a perilous journey to overcome. Just as Alex Haley prompted us to find our roots, Mason's enduring quest should inspire us to discover and trace the steps of our families and to realize that we are truly our ancestors wildest dreams.