Pastors in the Pusspit

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Why We Should Reconsider Where We Stand On This

Yesterday, all forms of black social media got all kinds of creative when it came to making memes about Pastor David Wilson’s leaked video of him…well, speaking in tongues.

There were women who were willing to leave their mates for the pastor. He immediately became a how to guide. Some men knocked him while others took notes.

But it was the women who had a field day online. They became the cat callers we usually complain about daily.

Now you can scroll through a number of memes and you may find a sea of laughing crying emojis from me in folks’ comments. I couldn’t help myself. The memes were shout worthy.

But, then I learned that Pastor Wilson shut down his Facebook page. I was no longer laughing.

Remember when Rob Kardashian leaked nude photos of Blac Chyna after their toxic breakup. Most women found it to be a low blow and immediately called Rob out on his revenge porn.

This happens all the time to teenaged girls who have to go to school knowing everyone has seen them naked. Though they may have only sent nudes to their boyfriends, their peers will still call them sluts.

46 states + D.C. now have revenge porn laws, but what side of the law do men fall on?

Things got pretty comical yesterday but if this was a woman performing oral sex on a man and he leaked the video, we would’ve been appalled and we would’ve called him out on his bull sh*t.

Men get away with a lot just because they’re men which is why the #TimesUp and #MeeToo movement is so crucial right now. But, I don’t want that to be an excuse for women to become the new predators. That’s not the type of equality we should aim for.

Listen, I am the last person to forgive pastors for all of their cheating while they shame their congregation for being gay, having premarital sex and multiple sex partners. But, we can’t ignore what is happening to Pastor Wilson. We know we would be mortified if a man did this to a woman. And not that I hope Pastor Wilson will step down, but if he was a woman, we would’ve shamed her right out of the pulpit.