Protect Black Women

Updated: Feb 11

Christopher Boyd Images

When black folks say, “protect black women,” we don’t mean just your mama, sister and favorite auntie. We mean all black women. You know the black women who marched, and made plates and organized rallies. The queer black women who protested in the streets screaming “black lives matter,” for the sake of black men.

This is not a time to deflect on the hatred of black women. This is not the time to say “the man” is pinning us against one another again. Be the brother you claim to be on social media. Check your black male friends on their critique of black women.

To focus on “the man” during this time, silences black women’s pain and suffering. These type of social media post suggest that black women should shut up and just support black men. Even when they terrorize, demonize, dehumanize and abuse black women.

We can’t hide black men’s faults in fear of America swallowing them whole while being called a funky dog head bitch for our faults.

Where is the patience for black women? Where is the grace? Where is the love we so graciously give black men?

This is no longer about Kobe Bryant’s legacy or Gayle King’s question. This is about showing up for black women in the ways in which we show up for black men. This is about learning how to love black women even when you disagree with them.

Being pissed at a black woman doesn’t make the hatred being spewed at a black woman justifiable.

Protect black women. Not just the ones who unconditionally stand by black men’s every word without rebuttal.

Protect all black women.