Sometimes Love Comes In a Jar

If you're like me, you have a sweet tooth that will not quit! I have just the thing for you.

If you're in North Carolina, the Greensboro area, place an order with Just a Jar of Love.

Just a Jar of Love was founded by Crista and Steven Franklin. It all started around six months ago when Crista made a strawberry cheesecake jar and a cookie-n-cream jar just for fun and allowed her coworkers to try them.

Crista's coworkers expressed how good the jars were and encouraged Crista to sell them. The next day, Crista made 24 jars and sold out.

That's when the self taught baker decided to create, Just a Jar of Love.

Just a Jar of Love is currently in the process of creating Keto friendly options. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a vegan friendly option.

If you're looking to order for a special day, keep in mind that Just a Jar of Love will need at least a 2 day notice for cakes and cupcakes. The jars can still be made just the day before.

You can order at for pick up. Delivery services are offered to businesses.

Order your Jar of Love today.